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Washing up is not the biggest chore around the house, but aside from the convenience that a dishwasher can bring, they have also been proven to use less water than washing by hand and to be more energy efficient so in the longrun, using a dishwasher as opposed to washing up by hand could make you some nice savings and have a good effect on the environment too.

bosch 14 place dishwasher There are basically three different types of installation that you can have for a dishwasher, which are freestanding, integrated and semi- integrated. As always when purchasing a large kitchen appliance, whether you are looking for a basic cheap appliance or a top of the range dishwasher, the one feature above all others that you should be looking for is the energy efficiency rating. This is something that should be prominently displayed on any kitchen appliance and is something that all appliances must now have by law. Remember that if you are going for a cheaper appliance, you may save money at first, but if it is not an energy efficient model then you may well end up getting stung further down the line.

Freestanding dishwashers come with all kinds of sizes and capacities, including a slimline range from some manufacturers, which is great if you are a single person or couple and are looking to save some space in your kitchen. Modern dishwashers are packed full of features, especially if you start looking at brands such as Bosch and Neff who really take energy efficiency seriously but also add some aesthetic and practical features that may just persuade some buyers to choose their dishwasher. For example, some of the better than standard models have anti- spill features for a little bit extra peace of mind.

The features that I would look out for together are the timer function and machines with reduced noise so a rating of ‘quiet’ or ‘very quiet.’ This way, you can set your dishwasher to come on overnight, which means that you are able to take advantage of the off- peak energy rate, but because the machine has reduced noise, it does not end up keeping you up.

Semi integrated ad integrated dishwashers are great for those people who like to cover up their kitchen appliance or help them blend in to their surroundings. Integrated dishwashers generally have a panel that covers the door of the dishwasher. The panel is meant to match your existing cupboard doors so that when the cupboard door is colsed, you would not even know that it was there. One of the main differences between freestading and integrated dishwashers is the location of the controls. Because of the panel on the front of integrated dishwashers, the controls are usually located somewhere inside the dishwasher in comparison to most freestanding dishwashers that have their display and controls on the outside of the machine.

Dishwashers are no longer as expensive as they once were and are becoming far more available to the majority of people living in the UK and Europe today. Not only do dishwashers do the washing up for you, aside from the loading and unloading of course, they also save you money on your energy bills and keep dirty cutlery and crockery off of the worktops meaning that if you are able to sacrifice some under counter space- as little as 45cm if you choose a slimline model- you could gain some counter top space back and make your kitchen seem tidier and far less cluttered. And if you are really interested in helping the environment, there are now many eco- friendly and biodegradable dishwasher detergents available on the market to help you keep an eye on your carbon footprint.

Once you have chosen your new dishwasher and have it installed neatly into your kitchen, remember than not all crockery and glassware is dishwasher safe. Make sure that you check that your kitchen items are safe to put in the dishwasher before you do so. Most new cookware is dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe but if you use older kitchen items be sure to check them first.

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